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Have You Been the Subject of Discrimination at Work? You Might Have Legal Recourse

It’s awful to be discriminated against at work. No one wants to be in that situation and at DLC Law we do not want anyone who has been in that situation to feel powerless. You can get justice – and we can help. Call us now at (626) 285-8815 to get help.

Signs that you are the victim of discrimination.

Here are several indicators that you could be dealing with workplace discrimination.

  • Lack of diversity. It’s possible that you’ll notice this simply by coming into the office. When there is a lack of diversity, discrimination is not necessarily evident, but it can be a signal. It’s possible that the population is entirely heterosexual, white men of the same age and income range. If you don’t fall into that demographic, you could find yourself in a situation where you’re discriminated against.
  • Bias against women. Are all of the top jobs reserved for men, while women are denied access to them? It might be a signal if a better-qualified woman works as a secretary while a less qualified male works as a manager.
  • Promotional challenges. It may constitute prejudice if someone less competent than you is promoted. If you keep getting passed over, it’s probably a sign that you should investigate who is picking you over. If you are regularly more qualified, you may be discriminated against.
  • Coworkers communication. No one likes to be treated unfairly, and one of the most common ways individuals discriminate is via communication. What matters isn’t necessarily what people say, but how they say it. It might be discriminatory if you are constantly being spoken down to or dismissed. It’s especially true if jokes about your color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, or age are made about you.
  • The work you get. If your workload is changing in a way that badly impacts you, you may be discriminated against. It might be a sign if you have accounts taken away from you, leading you to lose money. If you’re given a mountain of work that you can’t possibly do, it’s possible that your employer is preparing to dismiss you. All of this is a form of prejudice.
  • Ridiculous discipline. If you’re being reprimanded for things that don’t make sense or are unjust, it’s possible that your employer is fabricating evidence to justify dismissing you.

Of course, this is only a partial list. The bottom line is this: if you feel that you are being discriminated against, it is worth talking to an attorney to determine what your options are.

How to make a strong claim for discrimination in the workplace

Keeping track of everything that happens to you is in your best interests. You will profit from gathering evidence. When an incident occurs, you should keep a journal of it. Keep a copy of any emails you’ve sent to HR or your boss. Keep copies of their responses. This will be extremely useful proof in the future. You want your claim to be as well-organized as possible.

The better your organization, the better. It will make the job of your California employment discrimination attorney easier.

Whether it’s your boss or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, you need people to take you seriously. You should bring up your issue with them and make sure they don’t forget about you. Hire a lawyer to assist you in asserting your rights. Call DLC Law at (626) 285-8815 now to learn more.

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