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Head Injuries

Head Injuries Are the Most Dangerous Type of Injury at Work

When it comes to work-related injuries, head injuries are by far the most dangerous of all the types of injuries that might occur at your place of employment. They are the most difficult to recover from, and they are the most likely to result in some type of long-term or permanent impairment.

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How do head injuries happen?

In the medical community, traumatic brain injury (also known as TBI) is a general term that refers to any type of blunt-force trauma to the head that can result in permanent impairment or death. Depending on the severity of the TBI, it can range from a minor concussion to lifelong and severe brain damage. Concussions are a type of brain injury in which the brain’s soft tissue is pushed around inside the hard encasing of the skull, resulting in bruising and permanent brain damage.

The three most common types of head injuries

There are three primary types of TBIs, which are as follows:

  1. Cerebral contusion is a bruising of the soft tissue of the brain that occurs after an accident. Approximately twenty to thirty percent of all head traumas result in this type of injury.
  2. Open-head injury is a penetration of the skull by a foreign object. These are often caused by items striking the head and breaking the bones of the skull.
  3. Anoxic brain injury is a form of brain injury in which the brain suffers from “anoxia,” which means that it is deprived of oxygen, resulting in permanent brain damage.

The worst head injury symptoms to look out for

The following symptoms of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) are potentially debilitating:

  • Unconsciousness (including coma)
  • Confusion, puzzlement, dizziness, or other physical instability
  • Vomiting and/or nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Speech issues (especially slurring)
  • Blurry vision
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Trouble focusing
  • Memory issues
  • Changes in one’s behavior and/or state of mind
  • Persistent, severe headache
  • Seizures

Anyone who suffers a head injury at work should get medical attention right away, but especially if any of the above symptoms are present.

The most common jobs that result in head injuries

There are a variety of jobs that have an increased risk of sustaining a traumatic brain injury, including:

  • Construction workers
  • First responders
  • Manufacturing and warehouse employees
  • Farmers
  • Truck drivers
  • Bus drivers
  • Professional athletes
  • Fishermen
  • Forest workers
  • Delivery drivers
  • Transportation employees

Anyone in any job can suffer a head injury, but the above are the most likely to do so.

What to do if you suffer a head injury at work

The most essential thing to remember is to get medical help right away. These traumatic brain injuries are highly dangerous and can result in death or lifelong disability. Even if it does not appear to be serious, you should seek medical care right once. Medical care is important for your own health, and it’s also necessary to get treatment to support your workers’ compensation claim.

Contact an experienced workers’ compensation head injury attorney

If you suffer a brain injury while on the job, you may be eligible for a range of benefits via workers’ compensation. It is not necessary for it to take place on the grounds of your place of employment (if, for example, you are required to travel for work).

To find out what your legal options are, contact DLC Law at (626) 285-8815 right away.

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