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Fact or Fiction: Which of These Motorcycle Myths Are Actually True?

Fact or Fiction: Which of These Motorcycle Myths Are Actually True?

Most motorcycle riders are aware that a motorcycle accident is far more likely to result in death than a car collision. However, many motorcycle riders are unaware of other important information. Continue reading to discover whether any of these misconceptions ring true for you. If they do, you should learn the truth. If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, call DLC Law immediately at (626) 285-8815.

Helmets: Do they save lives?

Helmets do not make a difference and do not save lives, according to popular belief. Others argue that while wearing a helmet may lessen the risk of death, it will only leave the sufferer with a lifelong brain damage, which is worse than dying.

These statements are untrue. Helmets are said to save 2,000 lives each year, according to the CDC. According to studies, wearing a helmet reduces the chance of mortality by 37% and reduces the risk of any brain injury by 70%. As you can see, helmets not only save lives but also help to lessen the severity of injuries.

Is it true that louder motorcycles are safer?

Another popular misconception is that if you have a loud exhaust pipe on your motorbike, you would be safer than if you had a quiet exhaust pipe. The idea is that the noise alerts other motorists to the presence of a bicycle. On the surface, this appears to be accurate – but it isn’t for various reasons.

For starters, because the sound of an exhaust travels backward, it is ineffective at identifying you to drivers who are next to or ahead of you. Second, many drivers listen to music, podcasts, or other noises while driving. Even the most deafening exhaust may go unnoticed.

Is riding a motorcycle in the city or on the highway safer?

New riders typically feel more at ease on city streets, believing that the slower speeds will keep them safer. This is just another urban legend. Oncoming traffic is more common on city roadways, with more stops, turns, and junctions. Highways often have broader lanes, one-way traffic, and a regular traffic flow that enters and departs only at designated points. These elements contribute to the highway’s safety.

Are motorcycles always visible to drivers?

Some motorcycle riders believe there is something they can do, something they can wear, or something else they can do to ensure that other cars see them. This is untrue. The majority of motorists are shopping for vehicles, not motorcyclists. Yes, wearing bright clothing will make you more visible, but you should presume that the vehicles surrounding you will not notice you.

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